One of the most famous characters in all of scripture is a disciple who is referred to as “Doubting Thomas”. He’s earned this title over the years for his real and often honest questions that are recorded in scripture. However, while it’s often in a negative tone that we refer to Thomas as “Doubting Thomas,” in reality he should be renamed “Honest Thomas.” Because the questions he asks are more often than not the most honest of all. It is through this honest conversation with Jesus that we glean a most profound truth about Jesus’s character and God’s grace for us.

In John 14, we find Jesus and the disciples in what can be referred to as the most influential family dinner in history: the Last Supper. Here Jesus is trying to get his disciples to see beyond the immediate circumstance of his death and to grasp what it means for them and all of history. He’s trying to get them to understand that they can’t go with Him to die for their sins; He has to be the one to do it. He is also comforting them by showing them that it is something that has to be done so that they can have a place in God’s family. However, in verse 5, Jesus is interrupted when Thomas asks a question all of the other disciples were most likely thinking: “We have no idea where you are going, so how can we know the way?”Jesus responds with one of the most popular statements our faith is founded on: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

It is from this statement that we see that Jesus is truly the only way, truth, and life. This refers to salvation, absolutely, for we cannot get to the Father without Jesus, but it also refers to any circumstance going on in our lives. Because Jesus is these three things, we can count on Him. He is trustworthy and He will surely not abandon us.

Jesus can be trusted to be the way when we are amidst confusion on what decision to make or path to take. Even though people have led you astray, Jesus will not, for He is the way. He is the answer to our confusion, and we can trust Him even if we don’t know the destination.

Jesus can be trusted to be the truth when we encounter doubts in our lives. In any circumstance, in any situation, Jesus is the answer to the questions we have or the doubts we encounter.

Jesus can be trusted to be the life when we encounter emptiness. Sometimes, we try to fill our physical lives in the hopes that the emptiness we feel will somehow be resolved, but Jesus comes to be our spiritual life. He comes to fill the emptiness in our hearts so that we can truly have life and life abundantly.

What’s more is that God is not put off by our confusion, doubts, or emptiness. In fact, He planned for it when He sent His Son Jesus to die for the sin that created those three things in the first place. God made a way for us and that way is Jesus. Jesus is the only way to the Father, and when we accept that it’s not an act of narrow-minded bigotry but rather of blessing, we start to really see how worthy Jesus is to be trusted as the only way, truth, and life in our lives.

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