Proverbs 29:18 tells us that, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It has always been our goal as a church to be united under a common vision, and Vision Sunday is about just that. Since the Life Church has started, we’ve grown and matured a lot as a church. However, even though we are taking new ground and doing new things, it’s important to us that we never lose who we are and what we are founded on. This renewed vision ensures just that.

The vision of the Life Church has always been to be a church that embodies its name. It’s a church that’s life-giving, not life-sucking. It’s a church that’s relational, not religious. It’s a church where we are known for what we are for and not for what we are against. A church that is committed to doing anything short of sin to save people; a church full of members who are spiritual contributors not spiritual consumers. Where the older serve the younger. A church that draws the kind of people everyone wants around because we have made it a priority to accept the people that nobody wants. It’s a church that’s both attractional and missional. It’s a church that’s getting larger but also smaller at the same time. And it’s a church that believes the best is yet to come. That is the vision of The Life Church. This is where we are going—can you see it?

Our mission flows from our vision. But our mission isn’t inherently original; it comes directly from the Bible (Exodus 6). Everything we do as a church covers one of these four objectives, and we have specific and intentional ways that we carry them out.

  1. Know God – The first mission we have is to facilitate a place where people can know God. This is largely done through our Sunday services.
  2. Find Freedom – After we get saved, we need to get freed from the things that hold us back. This is a process, and it’s best done in the context of small groups.
  3. Discover Purpose – God put each of us on this earth for a purpose. One of the best ways we can help people discover their purpose is through Fast Track.
  4. Make a Difference – Once we know our purpose, we can start carrying it out. This happens every Sunday morning with our Dream Teams across all our campuses.

These four aspects of our mission are seen countless times throughout scripture, and have been proven to cultivate a strong relationship with God. Will you join us in doing it?

As a church, we value five things that embody and promote culture. These are things that each person in our church family embrace and execute. They are the answers to the question, “How will you act when carrying out our mission?” These five things are:

  1. We value people – Treat everyone special
  2. We value excellence – Bring our best
  3. We value authenticity – Keep it real
  4. We value empowerment – Invest in others
  5. We value enthusiasm – Have a blast

If we are intentional about capturing the vision, mission, and values of the Life Church and carrying them out as such, we have the opportunity to influence our community and our world for the glory of God.

Watch the entire sermon here.