Humans, by nature, are storytellers. We love a good story. That’s why the movie industry is so successful, because we simply cannot resist the power of a good narrative. What’s more is that God also loves a good story. However, His picture and our picture of what makes for an ideal story often differ greatly. When the story goes off of our script, we are often left wondering, “Where is God in all this? Does he even care at all?”

That was the case for Stephanie Fink. Her story landed her smack dab in the middle of heartbreak, disillusionment, and even anger towards God. But God met her in the middle of her story to teach her that what she was doing was actually rebellion. Rebellion is the common response. Repentance is the uncommon response. And the only difference between the two is a 180 degree turn. That turn is what makes your story powerful.

  1. Your story matters.

Often in the aftermath of our stories we can be left broken and shamed; telling our story is the last thing we want to do because it means we have to open up about the brokenness and pain we’ve endured. However, each person has a unique story that God himself has penned. You and I were made on purpose for a purpose, and that purpose is now. It’s not in 10 years when “you get your life figured out” (whatever that even means), and it’s not when you get old enough for “people to take you seriously.” God has us each on this earth at this very moment for a purpose and that is to reach people for His Kingdom. So no matter where you find yourself or where your story has left you, it is valuable and it has power. Your story might be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison.

  1. Your story is history – HIS story.

A lot of times we can be in a place similar to Stephanie where we are mad at God for what it seems like He’s taken from us. But what if God allowed you to go through those things so that your story might be forged in the fires of refinement? What if what you went through or are going through is an opportunity to share His story?

  1. The devil wants to destroy you – to DE-STORY you.

The enemy would be content for us to believe that what is happening to us is God’s doing. That’s a lie Stephanie bought into for a period of time. The enemy feeds each of us all kinds of lies and does his best to steal, kill, and destroy the narrative God is so diligently crafting within us.

  1. God wants to restore you – to RE-STORY you.

Although the enemy does his best to derail God’s beautifully written story for our lives, what he fails to recognize is that Christ has come to give us ABUNDANT life. He fails to recognize what Romans 8:28 says. That God works all things, not all good things, but all things together for the good. All things aren’t good, but God can use all things for good. Let God re-story your life.

If we’ve lived on this earth for longer than a day, we know there is pain. It’s part of the deal. However, in those things that cause pain are bred our greatest and most powerful testimonies. Remember that your time, talent, energy, money, spouse, children, and story are all gifts from God. Steward them wisely. Tell your story.

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