How much of our lives is determined by a decision made in a moment? How often does a wrong decision made because of pain or worry change the course of our lives forever? One bad decision derailed Jules’ life, but one right decision brought him back to life. Two decisions: one bringing death and the other life. That is resurrection.

The life Jesus offers today is possible because of what happened to Him over 2,000 years ago. Easter isn’t about eggs, Easter bunnies, and the ham you’ll eat today. It’s about the resurrection of a man who died and rose again and is still the only immortal man alive in the universe today.

Easter validates Jesus’s identity. A lot of people throughout history have claimed to be God, but anyone can make that claim. Jesus claimed to be God and said He’d prove it—and He did when He rose to life on the third day after death.  Easter proves that there is life after death.

There’s more to life than just this life. There’s more to life than what you see. There is an empty tomb today because there’s a Jesus who died, was buried for three days, rose again when the tomb was opened, and has been alive ever since. And one day, all of the graves will open just like the tomb, and we will come back to life.

Easter gives us a model of how to deal with death. Not just physical death, but the deaths we experience in life—the death of marriages or relationships, the death of emotions or other parts of us. You might be walking around not really living, with something missing—the life only God can give. Jesus is able to relate with us and we can relate with Him, even on our worst days, because He experienced death like we do.

Friday is Good only because Easter Sunday came. Friday—the day Jesus suffered and died—represents our days of pain and agony. Saturday represents disillusionment, loss, and confusion; we’ve all had those days too. But Sunday always comes bringing joy, celebration, and victory with it. We can overcome our Fridays and Saturdays because He overcame! The God who gave us Friday also gave us Sunday.

Because of Easter, Jesus is a model of how we deal with life. How do we handle the days of disillusionment and pain that occur over and over again? Jesus is right there with us when we go through those days. He shows us how to deal with them and not become stuck or paralyzed in them. What Jesus did on His worst day produced the best day of our lives. By His death He took our sins, and by His resurrection He made us right with God by taking away our guilt and shame. He reenergized us and gave us real life and real happiness.

If you missed it, watch Jules’s story… two decisions made on two different days. Death on one: the death of freedom and dignity. But Jesus was right there on Jules’s worst day because He had gone through a similar day. Jesus too made a decision that brought Him to death: a decision to take on our sin.

On another day, Jules made the decision to put his faith in Jesus, and that was the day he came alive. He says that God breathed life into him that day. This is the very same God who breathed life into the disciples meeting behind closed doors which was only made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus. That same God is here today, waiting to breathe life into us if we’ll ask Him. We too can come alive today.

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