The resurrection is what Easter is all about. But it’s not just about Jesus’ resurrection; it’s also about ours. Some of us have enough faith to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. But is it possible that we, too, can rise again? That we can have hope again? That we can truly come alive?

God answers this question through a prophetic picture in the book of Ezekiel, hundreds of years before the resurrection even took place. Ezekiel was one of the prophets who lived during the time when God had scattered his Old Testament church. God had divided Israel into the northern and southern kingdoms, the northern kingdom eventually ceasing to exist, and the southern being conquered by Babylon. For hundreds of years now, God’s people had been in exile. But even in exile, even when we’re away from God, when we’re not where we know God has called us to be, God still shows up. In Ezekiel 37:1-2, God speaks to exiled people through a vision given to Ezekiel – a vision of a valley filled with dry bones. These bones represent a people scattered, a people who had lost all hope and given up on the dream of a destiny. In context, these bones represent Israel, but they also represent the church today. God doesn’t leave us as dry bones, though.

  1. God has a question for us today: “Can these dry bones become living again?” (Ezekiel 37:3) This question isn’t about God’s capability, but about our own faith in God. Can these bones live? In our own insecurity, we want to see everything before we step out. But God asks us to trust Him to bring life to these dry bones.
  2. God has the answer to His own question. He tells us to speak to the dry bones (Ezekiel 37:4). There comes a point when our parents, grandparents, friends, and pastor can’t do it for us. We must speak into our own lives, speak to our own dry bones. God is going to put breath (ruach in Hebrew) into us again! When YAHWEH shows up with RUACH, you will have life again!
  3. God is building a great army to tell the world who He is and what He’s done for us. We are the army of God. We must be under a base, orderly, passionate, and patriotic. We want an Easter army to win this community to Jesus, to go out over the next two weeks and invite thousands to come alive this Easter. But to do this, we must have the breath of God.

It takes breath to open your mouth and speak. But once the Holy Spirit comes upon you and breathes, you have power. A power that says you don’t have to stay the way you are. A power that takes a man like Peter, who at first couldn’t even speak about Jesus to a young girl, and uses him to speak to thousands of people.

Can you live again? The answer is a resounding yes. A yes to hope again. A yes to peace again. A yes to come alive.

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