Amazing things happen when people stand in agreement in the name of Jesus. Access prayer support 24-7 by submitting prayer requests now. Our faithful prayer team responds to requests with effective and fervent prayer.




We’re committed to supporting you though prayer, but sometimes it helps to have someone walk alongside you through the tough times. Find out more about our caregiving ministry, LIFELINE, or our marriage and relationship ministry, PREPARE & ENRICH.


Lifeline is the caregiving ministry of The Life Church. The purpose of this ministry is to provide short-term support during a time of crisis, through a one-on-one relationship with a caregiver who can provide spiritual guidance, support and encouragement, and referral services in a confidential manner.

* Lifeline caregivers are trained volunteers under the direction and general supervision of the pastoral care department of The Life Church. Caregivers respond within 48 hours. This service is not counseling but caregiving.

Or call 703.584.4494 ext. 102 now.


Prepare & Enrich leads the way in helping premarital and married couples explore and strengthen their relationships. Prepare & Enrich will help you identify strength and growth areas; explore personality traits; strengthen communication skills; resolve conflicts and reduce stress; compare family backgrounds; comfortably discuss financial issues; and establish personal, couple, and family goals.