Mighty Oaks

The mission of Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs is to reach the brokenhearted with a specific calling to assist our nation’s military Warriors and families to find a new life purpose through a hope in Christ after enduring hardship through their service to America. Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs works to restore the broken families of our nation’s warriors by building the men that lead them, equipping their spouses to deal with the unique challenges of the military wife and encouraging their children.  Those not yet leading a family of their own can experience the healing that will allow them to begin those relationships whole.  This is accomplished by having an encounter with Christ that allows each person to live within their God-given design.

Our Outposts

Our weekly Outposts meetings are open to local Warriors and Mighty Oaks Warrior Alumni for support, healing, and camaraderie. These meetings aim to support each other as the members continue to grow and face challenges pre or post programs and our program aftercare and accountability.

Outposts are run by Mighty Oaks Program Instructors and are in a strategic partnership with partner churches for support and quality supervision. It is at these weekly meetings where our commitment to “No Man Fights Alone” becomes reality, and the purposeful life is practiced.


Contact: hello@love-church.websitepro.hosting

What Happens in a Meeting?

Each weekly meeting is guided by one of our Outpost Leaders, who has received Mighty Oaks Program Instructor training. Attendees learn from other Warriors’ strategies and successes in combatting the challenges of PTS, combat trauma and daily challenges utilizing the program curriculum and group interaction. Warriors discuss resources and support each other during their various journeys of recovery. Monthly recreational activities with the Warriors are common at most outposts.

Who May Attend?

If you are a current member of the military or a veteran who struggles from reintegration, PTS or combat trauma and you are interested in building a life of strength, courage and purpose you are welcome to attend. You don’t need to RSVP or bring anything. All of our program alumni are also encouraged to participate, not just in order to connect with others but also so that they may inspire and lead.