Nicaragua Missions Trips

Several years ago The Life Church began a partnership with The Verbo Church in Nicaragua. Our goal is to help assist with ongoing efforts to impact The Casa Bernabe Orphanage and communities in and around Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua through efforts that support a long term peace plan. Nicaragua is a third world country and the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere (next to Haiti). Puerto Cabaezas, Nicaragua is on the east coast of Nicaragua. We will base all operations out of and be staying on The Verbo Church property, which also houses the Casa Bernabe Orphanage. The needs are overwhelming. The ground will not be won easily or with only a few hands. Join us in showing God’s heart to the poor and helpless of Nicaragua

How You Can Help

Every year The Life Church takes a group of people down to Nicaragua to help support and invest into the people there. To find out more about the details of one of our trips, email:

Nicaragua Missions Trips Dates

Vision Casting Weekend Trip – October 4-8, 2018

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