The Sunday after Easter is traditionally a low Sunday. The liturgical calendar has even named this “low Sunday.” In most churches around the world, this is one of the lowest attended Sundays of the year. This shouldn’t be the case. Attendance actually went up by 1 on the Sunday after the first Easter (Thomas showed up).

Here are five ways you can help keep the Easter momentum:

1) Make sure YOU are in church this weekend. One reason attendance drops is that many people only attend church 1-2 times a month. Since almost every member attends on Easter, many of those miss the next week out of habit. That lowers the attendance. Be intentional about showing up this weekend and every weekend after. Weekly attendance at church could become a new Easter habit that will make your life better forever. When you think of it, every weekend is Easter weekend at The Life Church. The tomb is still empty all 52 (53 this year) Sundays!

2) Follow up with your guests who made a decision. Many of your friends got saved. Now what? The best follow-up person is YOU! Make contact and encourage them in their new faith. Get them to church this weekend. That is the next step. If you get them back to church, we will get them to Fast Track and Baptism. Be very intentional about following up today.

3) Contact every guest you brought to Easter services. Thousands of your friends showed up. Make a call. Send a text. Invite them back. Tell them what they experienced on Easter is what they will experience again. Give them the location and times for this weekend. Meet them in lobby for coffee. Work as hard to get them back as you did to get them to Easter.

4) Invite somebody this week who didn’t come last week. Many of our neighbors, friends, coworkers, fellow students, and family members did not come on Easter. One of those could be that Thomas in the crowd. Don’t give up on them. Invite them again. Invite somebody you never got to invite on Easter. There is somebody in your sphere of influence awaiting you. If you invite them, they will come.

5) Pray with us. The reason so many responded to Christ was not really the venue, the message, the teams, or the production. It was prayer. Prayer prepares someone to show up even before they are invited and then opens their heart to receive the Gospel. I believe Saturday morning prayer is the most important service of the week because we pray for the people coming the next day. We are praying 9-10am this Saturday.