The Life Church Internships are a hands-on learning experience designed for you to learn leadership and, more importantly, live leadership. Interns will build relationships and have an interactive learning experience during the week and serving on Sunday as they work directly with one of our campus pastors or staff members. These internships are for those looking to increase their leadership capacity. We believe this leadership experience will benefit interns in school, in the workplace, and in life.

The Life Church 18 and Over Internship

Focus: Leadership Development

Semester Dates: September 3, 2019 – November 19, 2019

Cost: $100

Age Requirement: 18+

Intern Commitment (5 parts):

By submitting this application, you understand the  commitment of this internship and agree to full participation in:

1. Tuesday Night Leadership Track (every Tuesday 6:00-9:00pm at the Manassas Campus)

2. Leading a Small Group

3. Attending a Small Group led by Staff/Pastors

4. Sunday all day – be assigned to a campus pastor to learn and lead at that specific campus for the duration of the semester.

5. Passing a background check.


Who is it for?

Anyone looking to increase their leadership skills and capacity.

What if I need leadership development, but I’m not looking to work at a church one day? Is this still for me?

Absolutely. Just about every skill will transfer into any environment and benefit you as a leader.

Why does it cost money?

The fee covers costs for materials used throughout the semester.

What do Tuesday Night Leadership Classes consist of?

Teaching from Pastor Josh Baird and other leaders. Interaction and team building with other interns, situational learning and problem-solving.

What does leading a small group consist of?

Each intern will be required to start and lead a small group throughout the duration of the internship. We will train them in how to do it and then release them to lead. This small group will not only be a place to build friendships but a place to put into practice the leadership principles they are learning throughout the semester. We don’t believe that leading is just learning, we believe leading is just that, leading. This is their chance to put it into practice.

What does Sunday consist of?

Each intern will be assigned to a campus for the duration of the semester. Each Sunday, they will show up when the campus pastor shows up and leave when the campus pastor leaves. This is the secret sauce of the program. This will be the most hands-on, practical portion of the program and will benefit the intern by giving them the opportunity for major responsibility. This is where they are free to try and fail, learn from it, succeed, and find out what it’s like to lead in the real world. The intern could be serving in a kids’ classroom, cleaning bathrooms, leading worship, parking cars, greeting in the lobby, etc.