Jesus shouldn’t have talked to her. Societal norms said avoid her. Pretend there’s no issue. Ignore the awkwardness. Turn a blind eye. After all, she was a different gender, race, ethnicity, and social status. “Don’t stir the pot, Jesus…. Leave it alone, Jesus.”

But that’s why Jesus is not normal. Because He loves us too much. His love takes Him where status quo tries to stop Him. The opinions of those with Him don’t matter as much to Jesus as the needs of those not with Him yet.

Last week I preached a message from John 4 about Jesus talking to the woman at the well and putting on display “barrier-breaking love.” In this message I addressed the race issue in our nation and challenged white Christians to choose empathy over opinion. What amazed me was how many people asked me afterwards why I “made it an issue.” As if it’s not an issue. Which is the issue. It is an issue. Just because it’s not an issue to you or for you doesn’t mean it’s not an issue. And herein lies our problem. If you have a problem with agreeing with that, you are a part of the issue. If we are going to follow Jesus we must choose empathy. Not be scared of addressing the issues. Not be scared of talking about the issues. Jesus wasn’t, and neither are we.

– Ps Josh Baird

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