Enthusiasm is contagious, either by its presence or by its absence. As the church, we want to be known for our enthusiasm, for what we are for and not for what we are against. As leaders in the church, we are…

Enthusiastic when we worship. We are front-row people. We raise our hands and clap and cheer when we feel the Spirit moving.

Enthusiastic about the Word of God. We dig into the Word, both during Sunday services and during our own personal time with Jesus. We fill our lives with it and live out of what it says.

Enthusiastic about welcoming new people. We love new people and are passionate about making them feel welcome. We greet them at the door and cheer for them in the service.

Enthusiastic about altar calls. We celebrate every person who finds life during an altar call. We provide resources to help them as they begin their relationship with Jesus, like the Word Bible and small groups.

Enthusiastic about giving. We give 10% to God because we believe tithing is biblical. We give in gratitude for what He’s already given us, and we give in faith, knowing that God will bless what we give back to Him.

Enthusiastic about inviting people to church. We invite them because we know they’ll get the chance to meet Jesus during the altar call. Every invite given is a seed planted.

Enthusiastic about teams and teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream work. We love our Dream Teams and everything they do to make church happen. We celebrate the difference they make every week in people’s lives.

Enthusiastic about prayer. We believe in the power of prayer to transform our hearts and our circumstances. Our Saturday morning prayer service is the most important service of the weekend. We consider it the secret sauce to everything we do here at The Life Church. We also come together as a community in January and August during 21 Days of Prayer to focus even more on prayer because it’s that important.

Enthusiastic about small groups. We experience healing in relationship with other people, and small groups are the best way to connect with others in the church. We are a church of small groups; we become smaller as we grow bigger.

Enthusiastic about reaching out to our communities and blessing them. We love blessing the people in our communities and look for ways to be generous. We’ll do anything short of sin to make sure they get the chance to know Jesus. 

Enthusiastic about kids and young adults. We look forward to the day we pass the torch to the next generation. We pour into our students and children and create opportunities to celebrate them and equip them.

Enthusiastic about planting campuses and adding services. We know that every campus we plant and every service we add creates an opportunity for someone new to meet Jesus. We are open to going where God leads us and to bringing Jesus to those who need Him.