During this week I always think of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Have you ever had a good word spoken and yet the journey didn’t match up? Have you ever felt you somehow heard wrong? Or, maybe the “way” your good word comes about is through the darkest moments of your life?

It was hard for me to watch the “Passion of the Christ” while thinking of Mary. Mom. The one chosen to bear the Christ Child. She looked on and watched the ridicule, the mockery, the beatings, the scoffing, the spear, the nails, the dark, the silence. What thoughts and emotion ran through her head and pounded her heart? Helpless to save Him from the scorn. Helpless to save Him from this death. It was somehow all a part of the plan. How? Why? We now see it so clearly, but for her it was a difficult journey. Trusting one day at a time—continuing to hope and believe in that spoken word. Hope still hurts. Believing takes courage—faith in the face of doubt and fear. She was like me. She was like you. No superhero powers, just a mom with a gift and a promise. The gift of a son and the promise of a Savior. As she stood at the cross, just the thought of her grief overwhelms me. Yes, she had a word. She remembered the visitation. I don’t know—I just keep thinking, wow. Highly favored one. I am so grateful for Jesus. And, I’m so grateful for Mary.