Fast Track is a 4-step process that helps you go further faster—into your purpose in life and your part here at The Life Church.


Step One is about becoming a member, finding out more about church life and what we’re all about.

First Sunday of every month




Step Two is about Discovering Your Destiny, finding out more about your own unique gifts, personality and calling.

Second Sunday of every month





Step Three is about Developing Your Leadership, finding out how you can maximize your potential here at the church and in every area of your life.

Third Sunday of every month



Step Four is about joining a Dream Team, finding out how you can involved and make a difference.

Fourth Sunday of every month



We hold Fast Track four consecutive Sundays every month during the 11:30am service. You can complete them in whatever order you like and take as long as you need. No RSVP necessary–just check in at the kiosk in the lobby, and we’ll get you connected.

It’s the fastest way to make this church your church. Let’s go further faster together.

See you Sunday at 11:30am.