May I kindly remind all of the self-righteous people posting things about sin on Facebook, that PRIDE is the very root of all sin, and if you don’t realize that you are only one thought away from being just “as bad” as “those people” who are committing what you consider worse sins, then YOU ARE SINNING. Repent. If only everyone’s MIND was public knowledge.

And while I’m on it: to the one addicted to heroine and/or other drugs, the cheater, the stealer, the liar, the drunk, the person addicted to porn, the felon, the sexually immoral person, the jobless person, the homeless person, the critic, the person overtaken with jealousy, the depressed person, the person who loves and trusts in their money, the control freak, the cynic, the person who feels worthless, the lonely person, the lost person, the confused person, the hopeless person, the one who feels disfranchised and left out, the person who feels they have all the power, the person who feels that they have no power, the broken person, and EVERY OTHER PERSON who is not DOMINATING life with the power of Jesus Christ, you are WELCOME at The Life Church this Sunday. WE ARE NOT A CHURCH THAT THINKS WE ARE PERFECT, so you won’t feel weird or singled out.

It is Easter this Sunday and we celebrate the One who died for all of our shortcomings AND gave us the power to overcome them in this life. You are welcome to come!