Did you know that being physically fit and healthy is godly?

I love this quote from Pastor Rick Warren because it’s so true! It seems that there has been a lot of confusion around this topic in the Christian realm. Everything from caring about our food choices being labeled as idolatry to the sin of gluttony being completely ignored.
A few areas where I have experienced benefits from taking care of my body/being physically fit (not a certain weight, size, or perfect) include:

Cue some Christians saying that happiness is not God’s priority for our life. I KNOW. But do you know what comes easier to me when I’m happy? Being kind, being a servant, having a positive attitude, persevering, spreading optimism, desiring to make more healthy choices, and the list could go on! I’m pretty certain that I’m just an overall more enjoyable person to be around when I’m taking care of my body.

2. I have better SELF-CONTROL!
It’s no surprise that once you practice making healthy choices regarding what you eat and do with your body, self-control ripples into every other area of your life. Positive choices become easier and saying no to any “idols” in your life becomes easier too.

3. My husband is PLEASED!
Oh my gosh, I said it. Please no hate mail! The truth is, we are to be servant lovers to our spouses (I’m talking about Christian marriages here). I know what my husband likes. And I do my part to be that for him. That’s being a servant lover. I’m more confident in all areas (ALL areas) of our relationship when I feel that I am pleasing to him. Make sense? It matters. It really does.

4. I feel like I’m HONORING GOD!
I desire to live a life that honors God. This includes how I take care of my body. HE DIED FOR ME! And bodies were His idea! We could be some ethereal-like beings floating around and about, but God chose to contain our mind, soul, and spirit in a BODY. So if we are born-again Christians, then that means the Spirit of the Living God lives INSIDE of our body. I would like to take care of that container! There’s also a lot of work to be done on this earth, and I want to be strong and healthy so that I can accomplish all that is set out before me.

I understand that this is a major struggle for many. And a lot of people walk around with guilt that is a result of neglecting this area of their life. I pray that this ENCOURAGES you to start fresh and anew in this area! In this day and age there is plenty of help available! I believe that when we honor God with our bodies, which includes being physically fit, then we will be the most fulfilled and able to do the Lord’s work most effectively!

So throw off defeat and get started taking care of your body TODAY!

~Brittney Baird