Why should I be baptized? Is it important? Do I have to?
These are really good questions I have heard many times.

The simplest way I know to explain baptism is that it’s the outward expression of an inward decision. It’s the physical expression of what has happened spiritually in the heart. When you give your heart to Jesus, it is a very private moment, just between God and you. Baptism is letting the world know of that decision to follow Him.

Baptism isn’t something we have to do, but something we get to do. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist before He started His ministry. We believe the next step after saying “yes” to Jesus is to be baptized, following His example.

We believe that when you are fully submerged in the water, the old nature—the “I want to do things my way”—is left in the water. When you come up out of the water, you are raised to life, in newness, beginning a fresh start with Him. And just like God said over Jesus the day He was baptized, God is saying, “This is my son/daughter and I am well pleased with them.”

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