The Easter season is often celebrated with bright colors and happiness; we are joyful because we remember the gospel, the good news, Jesus’ love for us through his death and resurrection. But what happens when we approach this bright and cheery season, or just life in general, holding grief and despair? How do we respond when we have heavy hearts and feel the weight of disappointment, even as the world around us continues to move forward?

“We had hoped he was the Messiah who had come to rescue Israel. This all happened three days ago.”

– Luke 24:21 (emphasis added)

This passage in Luke reminds us to take a look at how Jesus’ followers felt when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Friends and family watched as their beloved Jesus was beaten, bruised, mocked, spat on, and crucified. The amount of sorrow and disappointment that they felt must have been overwhelming. Why would the Messiah, the Savior of the world, allow this to happen? I am sure Jesus’s loved ones felt a multitude of emotions; perhaps some including doubt, anger, confusion, and defeat. But this passage in Luke proves that though they had many emotions, they still had had hope in the promise.

May the weight of this world be lifted off your shoulders and the promise of the Father’s love delicately restore the condition of your heart in this season and the seasons to come.

Perhaps you are grieving today. Perhaps you are discouraged, disappointed, anxious, tired, lonely, or doubtful. Jesus knows. During a very dark period of my life the Lord led me to this passage, it gave me great comfort, and I pray it does the same for you.

“God, your God, will restore everything you lost;”

He will mend all that has been broken.

“He will have compassion on you;”

He knows your heaviness and has compassion on us when we are in pain.

“He will come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered.”

He picks up our brokenness.

“No matter how far away you end up, God your God, will get you out of there.”

He meets us where we are. He pulls us away from our pain and closer to Him.

– Deuteronomy 30:3-4 (emphasis added)

No matter how far, He will meet us where we are – whether that be in pain or joy. I pray that when the sting of sorrow feels all-consuming, you will be reminded of the hope that the disciples clung to in the midst of darkness. Be reminded, for what was said has been fulfilled – the victory has been won and the King holds you close.

“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said [He would]. Come! See the place where He was lying.”

– Matthew 28:6 (emphasis added)

Hope is always evident. When all seemed hopeless, God was working, and He still is. He keeps His promises – “Just as He said”. May the weight of this world be lifted off your shoulders and the promise of the Father’s love delicately restore the condition of your heart in this season and the seasons to come.

By Kayleigh D'abadie

Kayleigh D’Abadie is an elementary school teacher who has a passion for making a positive impact in the process of building future leaders. She is a blogger, worship team member, and youth team leader. She spends most of her days experimenting with coffee, crafting, baking, and being outside in nature!


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