Praying the same prayers over and over can be discouraging. Where is God? Why is He taking so long to help me? Thoughts of despair, frustration, and shame can creep in quickly and be difficult to get rid of. I’ve discovered that the more I pray, the more I recognize I need God, and the more I recognize I need God, the more I pray. The act of prayer is not a heavenly ATM card, but it’s a way to build your faith. Prayer aligns our will, our thoughts, and our actions with Heaven and its timing.

David, the one who killed lions and giants, found himself in a compromising and potentially deadly predicament. The jealous and insecure King Saul sent numerous capable warriors to find David and kill him. The Bible says that King Saul pursued him relentlessly for a long period of time. I don’t know about you, but if someone was trying to kill me, my prayer life would be incredible. But in the same breath, I don’t think I would be singing praises to God while hiding and running for my life — just to be honest. 

I’ve discovered that the more I pray, the more I recognize I need God, and the more I recognize I need God, the more I pray.


Our problems can sometimes feel that way. Problems can be oppressive, aggressive, and deadly to our inner self. Catch what David says in Psalms:

“But I will sing of Your power; Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning; For You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble.”
Psalms 59:16 NKJV

While God hadn’t yet intervened, David was smart and bold enough to magnify the character of Christ in the middle of his deadly situation. He recognized that the Great Defender could still come through. He actively chose to look to God for the resolution of his situation.  Sometimes the most simple thing can be the most difficult. Offering up prayer and praise while being pursued seems like too much to ask. In truth, it’s not, because it’s a matter of focus. Place your focus on The One who handles all things well. Here’s the hope; difficult things prove to us the strength of God. God isn’t scared of your problems; He’s waiting to handle them. He will handle them. 

When we pray and couple our praise with it, Heaven stands at attention.  I challenge you to find out who God is. Declare His word. Praise His character. Pray in faith. Then, watch Him come through for you. Breakthrough waits for faith filled prayers AND praise. Don’t be caught being silent.

By Bryant Stokes

Bryant Stokes is currently the Manassas Campus Worship Director. Something he wouldn't trade for the world. If there is one thing you should know about him. He loves Jesus and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies!


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