This may be a bold statement, but I would argue that both reading and writing are two of the most important practices in our faith. Think about it. The entire Bible was written. Like physically written down. Those authors were inspired by God, yes, but they had to have the knowledge to take their God given thoughts and inspirations and put pen to paper (or however they wrote things thousands of years ago). Because of that, for thousands of years, we have had a text which we continuously read and re-read in order to make sense of and thus live out our faith. In short, without reading and writing, I dare say our faith would be nearly impossible to live out.

Although the Bible is not looking for new submissions, I believe this same principle still exists in the body of Christ. It’s why for centuries people of God around the world have continued writing about the things of God. There are millions of books, podcasts, songs, and articles all centered around the Word of God and how it applies to our lives, and that, too, is necessary for our faith because even though the world around us changes, the Word of God stays the same. But as the world changes and sometimes gets more complex, sometimes we need some help and encouragement figuring out how that actually looks practically in our lives.

This is the primary reason that this Love Church blog exists. The blog is a place where we can work out the word of God as it relates to the current climate of our lives in the here and now. It’s a place where we can find a relevant word of encouragement and hope from God in season.

This may be a bold statement, but I would argue that both reading and writing are two of the most important practices in our faith.


One of my favorite things about the resurgence of our blog this year is how much encouragement it’s brought to me both as a writer and as a reader. Each entry had a role in helping me navigate the various perils of 2020, and some days it was what kept me going and fueled me with hope and encouragement even when I couldn’t seem to find any. I imagine that I am not alone in that sentiment.

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to take over as the Blog Coordinator for Love Church. Not many people know this, but to me, it’s a sacred opportunity that God has been stirring in me for some time now.

About five years ago, I prayed this incredibly naïve prayer. I asked God to give me the opportunity to write like David. Being an Enneagram 4 and a fan of all things literary, the Psalms has always spoken deeply to my soul, and I wanted to write like that. Problem is, in order to write as the Psalmist does, you have to endure what the Psalmist endures. Didn’t know I was praying for that part! I’ve had my fair share of storms over the course of the last five years and not one of them has been easy, but what has been consistent throughout all of them is that writing has helped me to hear the voice of God. Sometimes I write for myself, but many times the things God shares with me have been able to encourage others as well. I’ve been able to encourage others on my own personal blog in ways I didn’t even know I could.

That same passion and energy is what I hope for the Love Church blog as we head into the New Year. My hope for this blog is that the words of our team, centered around the Word of God, will shine a light into the darkest places in your life and help you through your most desperate times.

They say reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out. May the words we share be like a breath of fresh air to your spirit.


By Megan French

Megan French is the Central Middle School Director for Love Church. Her other day job is teaching 8th grade English at Ronald Reagan Middle School. She is passionate about reading, writing, and boy bands.


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